You know you work in Sponsorship when…

1. You have too many creative ways to  say “sponsorship”


2. Your kids’ names are grassroots and experiential


3. You use terms like IP, property, leverage and activation all the time

 IP rights activate Leverage

 4. Intangible somehow becomes tangible in your mind


 5. You have an encyclopedia of adjectives to describe your property


 6. You’re sick and tired of people asking for a blanket ROI formula (FYI: there still isn’t one)

 secret formula

 7. Your friends and family have no clue what you do for a living and they think IEG is a bank


 8. Patience has become a key virtue and your skin is thicker than an alligator (sales specific)


 9. You spend more time watching sponsors than the game itself


 10. You still love what you do



Something missing?  Would love to hear your thoughts.   Leave a comment below and fill in the blank “you know you work in sponsorship when _____________”


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