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You know you work in Sponsorship when…

1. You have too many creative ways to  say “sponsorship”   2. Your kids’ names are grassroots and experiential 3. You use terms like IP, property, leverage and activation all the time    4. Intangible somehow becomes tangible in your mind  5. You have an encyclopedia of adjectives to describe your property    6. You’re sick and tired of people asking for

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Sponsorship Tango Part 2: Top 10 Things that Frustrate me as a Sponsorship Buyer

Following up on my last post – Sponsorship Tango Part 1: Top 10 Things that Frustrate me as a Sponsorship Seller, I wanted to share the candid feedback from the other side of the table.    Spending most of my career on the property side of the business, although my first job was a sponsorship consultant at RBC Royal Bank

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