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Mazereeuw’s Guide to Selling More #Sponsorship in 2015 – Part 2/2

Part 2/2-Through my experience, feedback and hard knocks, I’ve learned a few things about Sponsorship Sales and know first-hand the ups –and downs of selling.  This is the second of two posts (click here for part 1/2) dedicated to those on the business development side of the sponsorship marketing landscape.    For the experienced pros, you can probably relate.  For those who are

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You know you work in Sponsorship when…

1. You have too many creative ways to  say “sponsorship”   2. Your kids’ names are grassroots and experiential 3. You use terms like IP, property, leverage and activation all the time    4. Intangible somehow becomes tangible in your mind  5. You have an encyclopedia of adjectives to describe your property    6. You’re sick and tired of people asking for

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Sponsorship Tango Part 1: Top 10 Things that Frustrate me as a Sponsorship Seller

Working in the sponsorship marketing industry for over a decade, you develop great relationships with amazing people – a lot of them who become close friends on the brand, property and agency side- friends who aren’t afraid to hold back their frustrations when it comes to the process of buying and selling sponsorship. Based on a number of those candid

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