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What do the Top 20% of Sponsorship Sales Execs do differently? (2 minute read)

After 18 years of experience working with a number of organizations and several top sponsorship sales executives, I’ve narrowed it down to a pretty simple matrix that articulates what the top 20% do differently. The best sponsorship development executives focus on creating relevant stories that resonate with brands.   Sure, it’s easy to sell the obvious…warm, cozy, low-risk assets that are simple to quantify

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Sponsorship Tango Part 2: Top 10 Things that Frustrate me as a Sponsorship Buyer

Following up on my last post – Sponsorship Tango Part 1: Top 10 Things that Frustrate me as a Sponsorship Seller, I wanted to share the candid feedback from the other side of the table.    Spending most of my career on the property side of the business, although my first job was a sponsorship consultant at RBC Royal Bank

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